The Most Popular TNW Deals This Week

Lots of great e-learning and security deals this week, a solar charging battery, AND we’re giving away an Apple Watch of your choice. 94% off the Learn to Code 2015 Course Bundle Ready to begin coding your own apps from scratch? Whether you want to experiment with an idea or give your career a boost,… Read More »

Amazon Launches New 'Destinations' Getaway Portal in the US

Amazon has introduced a new way of displaying hotels and trips to US visitors in bid to grow its bookings. Amazon Destinations, which is a part of the Amazon Local brand, shows users a collection of available hotels according to area. It’s currently limited to the Pacific Northwest, Southern California and the Northeast. Destinations includes a… Read More »

Google's Launched a Troll-Slaying Patent Marketplace

Google has announced a new experimental patent buying service. It’s soliciting proposals from companies and individuals who want to sell their patents. One reason for the scheme, which the company is calling the Patent Purchase Promotion, is to outflank trolls who swoop in to grab intellectual property from inventors and small outfits who find the process challenging. Of… Read More »

Kwambio Wants to Bring a Friendly Face to 3D Printing

Building a closed software and hardware ecosystem gives companies the advantage of being able to control how the technology is used and helping to get customers tied into buying compatible products. An interesting new attempt at creating such an ecosystem comes from Kwambio. The Ukraine-based startup, which has attracted $500,000 from an unnamed local angel investor and… Read More »

6 Essential Courses for UI/UX Designers

So you’ve got a great idea for an app — but do you know what it will look like, or how it feel to use? A solid foundation in user interface and user experience design will help you give shape to your idea, so that users enjoy your product, find it easy to use and… Read More »

The British Power Adaptor For The Apple Watch Is Genius

The Apple Watch, which was released today, naturally comes with a set of new chargers to support the Magsafe adaptor on the back of the wearable. The British Apple Watch comes with the most satisfying and well thought out power adaptor I’ve ever seen. It folds into itself perfectly and flicks right back out. Perfectly compact… Read More »

Dropbox Rolls out Mobile Commenting on iOS Devices

Dropbox has been pursuing a strategy of constant iteration recently that has seen deeper integration with Microsoft’s Office suite and the introduction of commenting on the desktop – features designed to appeal to personal and business users alike. Today, the company is expanding its commenting feature to iOS devices, allowing users to leave witty retorts mission-critical feedback on documents directly from… Read More »

Tesla May Unveil New Home Battery Tech This Week

We’ve all heard of The Missing Link, but electric carmaker Tesla’s April 30th event — The Missing Piece — promises to be somewhat less elusive. The company’s invite to the press for a look-see, featuring Apple-esque cover art, is indeed a mysterious partial outline of … something with a curved top edge. However the buzz (and… Read More »

Sherish for iPhone Protects Your Family Photos

As an increasing number of digital natives get born and embark on their life journeys, they are often accompanied by thousands of photos and videos taken by their adoring parents and posted online in public blogs or social networking sites. But what if they don’t like, or are embarrassed by, certain images later on? How… Read More »

Deliveroo Expands Its Food Delivery Service to France and Germany

Deliveroo, a platform that delivers food from restaurants that don’t traditionally offer take-out, has announced today that it is expanding internationally for the first time, into Paris and Berlin. Both, unsurprisingly, are known for being ‘foodie’ cities, so it makes sense in terms of expansion destinations, and the news follow the company’s launch in Dublin earlier… Read More »